Colt Cams Inc.

We house the largest selection of camshaft master profiles in Canada, consisting of well over 2200 profiles which we are constantly adding to.

We service all makes of vehicles from cars, trucks and motorcycles, to vintage applications and farm equipment. The design of new profiles is always in the works.

Our primary goal at Colt Cams is to provide camshafts that you cannot get elsewhere. We will gladly do unique grinds for your custom project. It is our specialty.

What's New at Colt Cams
Colt Cams can no longer sell into California
New California Air Resources Board (CARB) changes mean that Colt Cams can no longer sell into California ...more

Cummins 4 Cyl 4BT 3.9L Cams
Colt Cams now has 4 stages of performance grinds for your 3.9L cummins diesel ...more

NEW!!!!! Ford Power Stroke 7.3L Cams
We now have a NEW BILLET Cam for your 1994.5 - 2003 Ford Power Stroke - and on Sale! ...more

Special Pricing on Stage 2 Ford Power Stroke 6.0 -6.4L Cams
On our stage 2 C.849.H. Regular $899.00, now only $749.00 US!!! ...more

Cummins 6.7L
We now offer Cummins 6.7L, & a new 5.5 Grind! ...more

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