Our products are not intended for use on highways. Please refrain from using this product until “you” the Buyer(s), have read this COLT CAMS INC. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY AND WARRANTY INFORMATION DOCUMENT. By purchasing any COLT CAMS INC. product(s), the Buyer(s) agrees they have fully read, accept, and understand the terms, conditions, warranty information and liability described in this COLT CAMS INC. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY AND WARRANTY DOCUMENT.

The Buyer(s) acknowledges that he/she/they/them is fully responsible and waives all liabilities implied by law or otherwise stated with regard to the installation of any high-performance off-road product.

COLT CAMS INC's. obligation under warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of only it's camshaft, lifters or services. If replacement is given a cam core must be supplied. There is no warranty on removal or reinstallation of COLT CAMS INC. products or services.

There is no warranty on products that have been physically altered, improperly installed, or maintained, used in improper applications, abused, or not used in conjunction with proper parts. To make a limited warranty claim the part must be returned within one year of the purchased date to COLT CAMS INC. It must include all pertinent information, such as original invoice etc. Upon inspection it will be deemed fixable and/or replaceable.

COLT CAMS INC. will not be responsible for incidental and/or consequential damages, property damages or personal injury damages of any kind from the purchase, installation and/or use of COLT CAMS INC. products or services. It is understood by the Buyer(s) that this product may void your warranty, affect it, and make it difficult for your dealer to diagnose any issues with your vehicle. Before beginning any modifications, it is advisable to speak with your local dealer and review the terms of your vehicle's warranty. When this product is used, COLT CAMS INC. is not accountable or liable if the Buyer(s) vehicle warranty is voided.

The Buyer(s) assumes full responsibility and/or obligation for adhering to federal, provincial, state, and local regulations regarding emission standards. Information regarding the Clean Air Act within the United States of America is located at Within Canada go to Environment and Climate Change Canada ( and/or Transport Canada ( for up-to-date information. Each province, state, and country may have different standards. It is the Buyer(s) obligation to be in compliance with all emission, noise, or any other vehicle alteration rules within the Buyer(s) jurisdiction when installing high-performance, off-road only product. The operation of the Buyer's vehicle following the purchase and/or installation of any product is not the responsibility of COLT CAMS INC.

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When sending us your camshaft(s),
please remove the gear(s) before shipping, and
we highly recommend not to ship your camshaft in tubes!

NOTE!!!!! When we say our camshaft is a straight drop in, we mean: In almost all cases.
However, due to many contributing variances in an engine: heads planed, block decked, valve recession etc... any cam including stock, should always be checked for clearance before start up!